London Marathon Frame

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This frame was created to show the memories of running the london marathon It contains a photo printed from an iPhone picture, vest number, medal and map with time printed from pdf document added ultra vue glass and double custom designed and cut mount

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1.5 Metre wide Panoramic Frame

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Custom milled moulding. Museum glass print is on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl paper, float mounted over conservation quality mount board.

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2 Metre Print from phone

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We were asked to make a print from a panoramic image from a phone. shot on everest It was printed 2 metres wide, mounted on dibond with a matt laminate

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‘Phaedo’ World record frame

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This frame was created to recognize the world record of round ireland The image is printed and dry mounted on Hahnemhule Photo Lustre paper 30" wide. test was added to the mount using Gunnar Aiox mount cutter Solid oak frame

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Cricket World Cup Jersey

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This jersey, signed by the irish cricket team, was framed to be displayed in the players original club. we used a fully reversible method of attaching the jersey. Added a conservation quality mount We designed the mount to hold pictures and the emblems of clubs

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Achievements display

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Hockey & Cricket caps . We created this display to honour the achievements of playing both hockey and cricket for Ireland

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Football training camp memrobillia

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Customer brought a folder (where the background image came from) some photos and medal and wanted to make something of it for her son. we scanned the image on the folder and printed onto mount board. then created some mount board frames to hold the photos and report card. Customer was amazed and loved [...]

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Commissioners of Irish Lights

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We were commissioned to create a piece for a presentation to a visitor. We printed from a digital scan of an old construction drawing on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308 paper. Using conservation quality mount board we created a double mount, with a message inscribed by our Gunnar Aiox computer mount cutter. a frame was created [...]

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