Computer cut mounts

Utilising award winning Swiss technology and engineering we can produce creative mount solutions for our customers.

We can create very unique mounts and solutions including:

  • Embossing – logos, signatures etc.
  • Multi-aperture mounts – and not just rectangles
  • Complex shape mounts
  • Decorated mounts – including printing on the mount
  • Multi-layer mounts – from 1 to 10 layers of mountboard

We can help design a mount style for your photography business, allowing you to have a consistent style and look to your creations.

This product could include any name or corporate logo, and could be used for portrait studio products or a corporate gift.

The options and creative possibilities are huge. As there are so many options, it’s best to get in touch and we’ll have a chat about what we can offer you.

Our mount cutter has a head which will hold either a pen or pencil. This allows us to draw on the mountboard as we cut the mounts, adding decorations, lines and signatures.

This very cool feature means for photographers for example, we can add signatures or outline logos to all your mounts, giving you a design edge over other photographers. If you would like to add unique features to your mounts, drop in, and we would be more than happy to show you what this thing can do!!

Also, we are not limited to simple black pens. Let your imagination go wild, gold or silver can look good on a black mount.

And if you want full colour, we can always print on the mountboard!!!